Santander Auto Loan Contract

In 2012, I was pre-approved online and based on sending all my pay slips, proof of residency and all other items in advance, I received a “draft” (blank check) to bring to the dealer. It was 72 months at 16% and a payment of $367. As long as the credit was too valuable and everything was fine in the vehicle, I was ready to go. I found a car, had a free and clear trade, and was below the value credit requirements specified in the pre-approval. Well, the dealer asked me to fill out a loan application stating that these were Santander`s requirements, and when I received the numbers, I was at 20% APR and over $450 per month. I traded and was at $399, but the APR remained the same. About 18 months later, I was diagnosed with an illness, I set up a 6-month payment deferral plan. As soon as I could do that, I started making payments. In the end, I had to make another postponement for the same period of time and I accepted it. I then had a difficult month in which I made half of a payment. And behold, I took back my payments and for almost six and a half years, I still owed them more than $10,000? The initial loan was for less than $14,000? I continued to make payments and after another 6 months, a representative told me that because of half of the payment I had made more than a year earlier, I would not come to the principal and would only pay interest.

I was communicating with Santander all the time and none of them told me how they were using my payments. EVERY TIME I MADE A PAYMENT, I WAS CHARGED A FEE OF $10 TO $15! Finally, after almost 7 years and still over $10,000 for a 14-year-old car, I told them to pick it up. Two months passed and he stayed. No communication from them at all. I called 3 more times and finally they came and got it. They sold the car at auction and said I am responsible for over $5,000 and fees. Despite the deferred payments, I still paid $400 a month, plus all those payment fees from $10 to $15 for five and a half years. I paid over $20,000 and they wanted over $10,000 more to pay it back? That would be close to $33,000 for an initial loan amount of $14,000. They are not only predatory for potential customers, but also for existing customers. Merchants pay more than $2,000 in fees for what they call “discounts” for Santander who agrees to make the loan.

You earn this money with the dealer because, according to the law, it cannot be passed on to the buyer, although it is more common. This bank, or whatever you want to call it, makes money in 6 ways until Sunday! I was a CFO at dealerships for over 10 years and was even taken away by these fools because I needed a car and my credit was marginal. It happens, but this one was absurd! I take on some responsibility, but they have benefited in every way possible. I would like to be added to the trial that had a bad loan from Santander. I had car insurance through them and it was like $300 a month. They took possession of my vehicle. and still billed me every month after that. my credit is wasted because of their negligence. Please, I`m in Florida. Have a loan through this company. Must be added to this lawsuit. I financed by Santander for a 2015 Mercedes with false information and the loan was outrageous and the car was taken over between the specified months.

Thank you for the solvency and the huge debt, Santander. Our loan was transferred to Santander in 2009 with a balance of $35,000, but we bought the car for $15,000. We couldn`t pay off the car because we fell to an income, but according to Santander, we still owe about $1800 and the interest adds up. I have negative coverage of my credit report, I received a brand new Buick Encore for a capital of $ 20,000,000 from a GMC dealer. My monthly payment is $485 at a 17% interest rate. Now the vehicle is broken and the car is only worth $8000 in trade-in. I am responsible for car payments and repairs. And if I sold it, I would still have to on the loan. I was desperate and needed a car when I got the vehicle. I had a low credit score at the time. My income was only about $2000 a month.

I still owe $16,000,000 after all that loan payment time. I got into it shortly after I got the loan, and I tried to pay the late fees, but Santander always gave me a different answer as to why they wouldn`t apply my money to the fees because it was collecting interest. At one point, my payment was almost $600 for 4 months. They should be held accountable, and I am glad that they are returning the people who exploited them. Dealers should also be held responsible for selling cars that depreciate by almost half the value after driving the vehicle. I would like to see if I could be included in the trial for the state of Mississippi. At the end of my 84-month term last April, I still had a balance of over $8,000 on my car loan. I told them I couldn`t pay that amount. They took 2,000 and extended my loan for another two years, but I still pay $6,000 more. I`m so upside down that I can`t make a transaction.

I believe I received a subprime loan from Santander. I live in Maryland and paid a very high interest rate on a loan. I am not in default with my loan and I pay more than 29% interest. Please help. I have a loan with Sandtander and I would like to be part of the trial. My story is similar to the other comments. Sandtander is a terrible company. How do I find a complaint? Currently, Santander pays a very high rate.

Looks like the loan never defaults ugh I got a loan for Santander and the car broke down 3-4 months later and it`s on my account today my name is Demetrius Curtis My car was summarized on the 15th. The payment was issued to santander and just waited for everything to be finished. I was told the difference was $2. I have GAP, but I have no idea what to do other than wait. Santander is of no help. I paid on time every day for 2 years and 4 months $327 per month 21% APR NEVER AGAIN I had a car loan with Santander and defaulted on the loan and where can I sign up? I`d like to know why Texas wasn`t separate from the class action lawsuit that was settled in June 2020. Carmax in Irving, Texas, provides subprime loans through Santander and adds service contracts to the loan program starting in late 2019. I currently have a contract for a 2016 Nissan Altima. I currently have a loan with this company! I am a victim of risky predatory loans. I received a subprime loan and the guarantee was not maintained by Santander USA. Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc.

provides auto loans to more than 14,000 dealerships across the country. It also offers auto loans through Chrysler Capital, RoadLoans and Vroom. I recently sent an email, but I`m not sure if it passed. I also have a loan via Santander. I was surprised when I was approved. They continue to add additional fees for my car loan. I paid them over $45,000 for a car that was only $21,000. Please include me in this regulation.

My name is Royauna Hawkins. As part of a subprime auto finance class action lawsuit, Santander has agreed to grant auto loans to certain borrowers. This applies to borrowers who had defaulted on very low-quality loans as of December 31, 2019. Borrowers eligible for forgiveness will receive direct notice from Santander. Me too. I bought a 2011 Nissan Maxima in 2014 for about $24,000. Why I still owe $18,000 for this car. The sad thing is that I signed a 72-month loan that will be increased to 104 months. HOW??? Now my car is chasing me.

I hate Santander I`m so on my head that I can`t get a new ride Yes, how can I get information, I have a car loan with Santandar please help. I got a car loan through them between 2010 and 2019, the vehicle had very high ECT interest rates. Has been taken over. . I would like more information about my situation. I bought a new Nissan Altima in 2018, the payments are $672 and after 2 years the balance is still over $24,000! Santander charged for the loan in October 2020, claiming that the buyback process began in September 2020. .